Coffee Companion App LS:008

Thanks for all that joined me on the live stream! Make sure to tune in next week same time (1pm CDT on Friday) and same place (Twitch)!

What did I do in the stream?

  • Adjusted scroll behavior to not be weird
  • Aligned edit button
  • Timer continues working when input is needed
  • Adjusted save button

What am I doing in the next one?

  • Alternate icon designs and implementation
  • Looking into ways to make it work better for tea as well

Looking for more about the project?

  • Make sure to watch the next stream on my Twitch
  • Want to know what tasks need to be done or what’s being planned for the app? Check out the Trello board
  • Want to see the code? Dig through the GitHub repo and star, watch, or sponsor it!
  • Want to help fund the app and get your name listed at the end of the stream? Buy me a coffee or two by clicking the image below
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